Trade Up Your Old Phone and Get a New Apple Iphone 7 for FREE

As a token of appericiation for our loyal customers, Apple International launch a trade program for your current phone with a new Apple Iphone 7 for FREE located at

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Have you ever owned Apple product before?
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Is your current phone's age more than 2 years?
Have you ever join our free trade up program before?

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Congratulations! You are qualified for FREE Trade Up Program for a new Iphone 7!
Before you enter Apple FREE Trade Up Program, our support have asked us to require that each person agrees to the following guidelines:

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Abby Duffy Thought this was a joke at first, but my Iphone 7 actually came with the dhl this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from inviting more friends to participate again lol


Denise Barr Thank you, I can't wait to get my Iphone 7.
Thanks guys!


James Young I always love Apple products, hope this time i can get it.


Catherine Gibson Didn't you hold a similar thing last year from what I remember?


Mia Malkova PutriKurniaSari I am happy to say that this is the real deal.


Julia Cronin Lucky the counter still open when i come, i almost missed it.


Megan Moore Actually i still love my current phone, but this is new, so why not haha


Ronan Devine When I saw this I was so excited it not every day company’s give there customers the chance to receive free gifts I have taken the survey and already used my gift code very excited.

11 minutes ago Like

David Devine ???,????Iphone 7 mine hahaha???!

17 minutes ago Like

Sarah Coulter Wow I received a brand new Iphone 7 from you yesterday and I could not believe it THANK YOU so much and God bless you.

19 minutes ago Like